This new study seems about right lol

new study funny

Haha I would totally freak if I came in my house and saw this!

hilarious dancing gif

My Granny is ready to deal with any burglars.

granny with a gun

Funny how my cooking always turns out like this too.

funny pancake

This graffiti artist has a fair point.

humorous art

Always look on the bright side of life 🙂

disabled guy funny tshirt


Finally he can get up to speed lol.

funny turtle skydiving


This is one of my favourite funny pictures because it shows the true realities of parenting haha.

kid wet herself on dads back


Hmm this one seems to accurately describe the wannabe 90s kids.

90s kids


Come back Mr Snake and let me love you! 😀

snake escape


I don’t want to participate in either :p

hilarious race sign


This one is really touching. What an absolute champ. Big respect to this man!

amazing man


This is why you should not tease and annoy cats!

cat gets revenge


The funniest part of this picture is certainly how much he loves this onion lol.

man loves his onion


Being ping pong champ certainly has its perks :O

ping pong champ


This totally describes me haha hilarious!

live life to the max


I don’t live next to a farm and still have these problems with the neighbours lol

living next to a farm sign


Poor pug has been to the vets.

sad pug funny picture


Even though vandalism is naughty it can still be funny :p

amusing desk vandel


This photo makes a fair point actually hehe

no animals harmed in the making of this film


ROFL this quote is so epic. Very true.

cool fridge sign


I think this kid has a very good chance of escaping.

hilarious police pulling over kids car


Haha Jenna Marbles dog is just hilarious… and looks a lot like Snoop Dog.

dog hugs






a tash


funny shirt

cool dog